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The ANTEI FTP API 3.50 provides a secure, simple means of transferring files to and from ftp servers.
ANTEI FTP API is a COM control which allows easy integration with any ERP system.
ANTEI FTP API is generally accessible to private and commercial users for one off charge £34.99 per user.

What is new in version 3.50
        - Multi port support
        - ListDirectory returns file modification time and date
        - Improved error handling

What is new in version 3.01
- FTP and SFTP split to two separate classes
- New function CreateDirectory – creates folder in the ftp location
- New function ListDirectory – returns the list of files and subfolders in the directory
- New function DeleteFile – deletes the file from the ftp folder
- New function DeleteDirectory – deleted the folder from the ftp location
- Support of certificates larger than 1024 b.
- Multi port support (SFTP only).
Download ANTEI FTP API 3.50 Demo. To purchase the ANTEI FTP API 3.50 please pay by Paypal (below) or send us the order form. You can find the order form in the demo package.

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