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ANTEI Route Planner


IRPANTEI Intelligent Route Planner is a tool designed to bring advanced intelligent route planning into Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Like NAV itself IRP uses the latest Microsoft technology to bring transport and route planning into the NAV application. This allows transport and delivery planners access to an easy to use planning tool based in NAV which utilises award winning route optimisation algorithms.

irp04IRP interacts with Google Maps and Bing Maps to retrieve geo locations for all your customers, locations, the latest distances and timings and visual and written route plans.


IRPThe advantage of ANTEI IRP over standalone packages is that it is built into your Microsoft ERP solution and so all data is readily available, making reporting easy and maintaining interfaces between systems unnecessary.



Main benefits of using IRP 8.00

Reduce costs of your distribution Optimizer will help you reduce number of vehicles used for daily deliveries and total driven distance.
Delivery scheduling Intelligent Route Planner will assign customer orders to vehicle routes taking into account factors such as customer access constraints, time windows, truck constraints and driver hours.
Manage delivery time Routing software enables customers to request delivery times. Delivery time is automatically allocated to routes which are re-optimized to improve utilisation of resources.
Static and dynamic scheduling Get benefits and flexibility from real-time routing and scheduling system. Our system is able to schedule very large distribution and transport operations in real time.
Route Optimization Intelligent Route Planner is designed to address large, complex vehicle routing problems. The algorithm used in IRP is the holder of two world records in Vehicle Routing Problems registered by worldwide transportation organization SINTEF.


Role Centres  Can be available for any and every role or user.
Multi Depot Route Planning  Automatically schedules deliveries from one or more depots.
 Flexibility to schedule 1000s of deliveries in seconds.
Least Cost Routing Algorithm  Scheduling and optimization based on customisable criteria and constraints.
 Driver scheduling takes into account Working Time Directive.
 Truck routing maps.
 Geographic cost profiling.
 Vehicle routing cost per km/mile and per hour.
Vehicle and Trailer Management  Can help choose lowest cost vehicle.
 Integration with Fixed Assets helps manage vehicles and trailers maintenance and services.
 Keep track of vehicles and drivers costs by integration with General Ledger and Resources.
Real-time Planning and Dynamic Scheduling  Provides real-time environment for planner and managers who must react dynamically to continuously changing operations.
 Automated real-time planning of work for vehicles and drivers.
 Optimal response to cancellations, last minute orders, redirections, etc.
Home Delivery Scheduling  Customer profiles and territories can be optimized at a strategic level.
 Real-time planning of delivery ensures orders fulfilment efficiency.
Load Planning  Includes sophisticated load planning software which can optimize the trucks load process.
 Includes factors like objects size, drivers qualifications, preferred loading sequence, multi-dropping, temperature control, etc.
Notifications Send automatic emails to the drivers and customers about any changes to your routes.
Multi Day Trips Supports multiday, international routes planning.
HGV calculation
Includes HGV speed limits.

Allows different types of optimisation:

- number of routes minimisation,

- time optimisation.


Plans collections as well as deliveries.


Integrated with mobile devices.


Intelligent Route Planner is also available in the Microsoft Dynamics NAV classic client and previous versions.
To find out more about IRP for Dynamics NAV please download IRP 8.00 for NAV Fact Sheet, Intelligent Route Planner presentation.
If you wish to get some more information about Antei IRP 8.00 please contact us: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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